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[audio]Psychedelia: Bruce Damer on Uploading Consciousness (2010) - Bruce Damer
Bruce Damer delivering a critique on Kurzweil and other's concepts on uploading consciousness (2010).
Keywords: Consciousness; Uploading; Ray Kurzweil
Downloads: 194 1.00 out of 5 stars(1 review)
[movies]Ray Kurzweil - LEGENDADO
Globo News Ciência e Tecnologia - Entrevista de 2012
Keywords: Ray Kurzweil LEGENDADO português
Downloads: 261
[audio]Steve Wozniak and Ray Kurzweil on the integration of men and mashine
19.10.2010, Austrian parliament see: http://www.ots.at/presseaussendung/OTS_20101019_OTS0176/futuretalk-2010-steve-wozniak-und-ray-kurzweil-zur-zukunft-der-mensch-maschine-interaktion-bild
Keywords: Wozniak; Kurzweil; Maschine; Integration; Talks
Downloads: 84
[audio]Singularity Economics -- Groks Science Show 2012-11-28 - Charles Lee and Frank Ling
The technological singularity is the idea of a vast increase in intelligence arising from technological advances. How will such a singularity affect global economics? On this program, Prof. James D. Miller discussed the economic impacts of a technological singularity.
Keywords: science; singularity; kurzweil; technology; groks
Downloads: 2,050
[movies]TEDTalks _ How technology's accelerating power will transform us - Ray Kurzweil (2005) - Ray Kurzweil
TEDTalks _ How technology's accelerating power will transform us - Ray Kurzweil (2005)
Keywords: Ray Kurzweil; singularity; accelerating web
Downloads: 34
[movies]Triangluation 9: Ray Kurzweil - TWiT
We talk to author, inventor, and futurist, Ray Kurzweil. Guest: Ray Kurzweil links: http://www.kurzweilai.net/
Keywords: twit; triangulation; tri; Ray Kurzweil
Downloads: 332
[texts]3. Maths IJAMSS Maximal Solution Of Non Classical Differential S. A. Bishop Nigeria
We prove some new results on existence of solutions to first-order non classical ordinary differential equations associated with Kurzweil equations. Our existence results lean on new definitions of lower and upper solutions introduced in this article. The existence of a maximal solution is guaranteed when the local uniqueness property in the future is established. These results could be of great value in applications to the theory of non classical differential equations in locally convex spaces.
Keywords: Differential Equations; Maximal Solution; Kurzweil Equations
Downloads: 1
[audio]Easy Strings - Susie Chan
No-fuss string programs for a Kurzweil PC3X
Keywords: Strings; program; Kurzweil; PC3X
Downloads: 682
[audio]APRELMOTAGE 2 MIX - Michael Teselkin
Michael Teselkin April test. Recorded :2013, Saint-Petersburg, Russia.Gear: Kurzweil 2500, POLIVOX analog synth, delay
Keywords: mteefx; electronic music; Kurzweil 2500; Michael Teselkin
Downloads: 1
[movies]Ray Kurzweil Keynone Lecture - Singularity University Executive Program
Keynote lecture of Ray Kurzweil from the Singularity University Executive Program, November 2009
Keywords: singularity; technology; university; lecture; kurzweil; acceleration; change
Downloads: 155
[audio]Yi-Tan Tech Community Call #385 - The Singularity - - Jerry Michalski
Will you be able to upload yourself to the cloud? Are we headed for a technological Singularity? Or some other kind? Will computers become sentient? As each year goes by, these questions shift from science-fiction fantasy to the realm of reality. But how real? With Peter Kaminski, David Weinberger, Kathryn Myronuk and Scott Draves, let's discuss: What is real and unreal about the different visions of the Singularity or the uploaded self?Would you want to live in those worlds? Why?When do you thi...
Keywords: Singularity; cloud; Ai; immortality; future; Kurzweil
Downloads: 14
[audio]Humanity's End: Why We Should Reject Radical Enhancement - Dr. J.
Dr. J. chats with Nicholas Agar, professor of philosophy at Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand, and author of Liberal Eugenics: In Defence of Human Enhancement and Humanity's End: Why We Should Reject Radical Enhancement. They discuss Agar's arguments for a moderate position on human enhancement that embraces some enhancements but rejects the creation of "posthumans."
Keywords: posthuman; transhumanism; philosophy; moral; aging; Kurzweil; ethics
Downloads: 600
[audio]Essex Canon - Anthony Mark LaMort
Electronic realization of a symphonic work by composer Anthony Mark LaMort. Utilizes Kurzweil K-250 sampling synthesizer. Recorded in 2005.
Keywords: Electronic Music; Essex Canon; Kurzweil; Electronic composition; Anthony Mark LaMort
Downloads: 25
[texts]7. Applied On Existence Of Solution S. A. Bishop - S. A. BISHOP & O. O. AGBOOLA
Existence of solution of impulsive Lipschitzian quantum stochastic differential equations (QSDEs) associated with the Kurzweil equations are introduced and studied. This is accomplished within the framework of the                       Hudson-Parthasarathy formulation of quantum stochastic calculus and the associated Kurzweil equations. Here again, the solutions of a QSDE are functions of bounded variation, that is they have the same properties as the Kurzweil equations ass...
Keywords: Impulsive; Kurzweil Equations; Bounded Variation; Noncommutative Stochastic Processes
Downloads: 5
[audio]Yi-Tan Tech Community Call #385 - The Singularity - summary - Jerry Michalski
Will you be able to upload yourself to the cloud? Are we headed for a technological Singularity? Or some other kind? Will computers become sentient?As each year goes by, these questions shift from science-fiction fantasy to the realm of reality. But how real?With Peter Kaminski, David Weinberger, Kathryn Myronuk and Scott Draves, let's discuss:What is real and unreal about the different visions of the Singularity or the uploaded self?Would you want to live in those worlds? Why?When do you think ...
Keywords: Future; singularity; Kurzweil; Ai; Google; autonomous cars; robots
Downloads: 17
[audio]073114 OS PODCAST End Of Work - Open Source Media
MIT scientist Andrew McAfee and futurist Ray Kurzweil on the end of work in a digital and automated age
Keywords: Ray Kurzweil; automation; work; Andrew McAfee; robotics; MIT
Downloads: 11,618
[audio]Power Struggle - Anthony Mark LaMort
Improvisation -utilizing Pipeloops.com Silbermann, Kurzweil K-250 synthesizer, sampled audio and percussion. BY organist and composer Anthony Mark LaMort (Lamourt) More of a few thematic and ideas and textures than anything complete - MAYBE the basis for a composition in the future...
Keywords: Power Struggle; Organ; Hauptwerk; Organist; Improvised; Electronica; Electronic Music; Kurzweil; VPO; Anthony Mark LaMort; Lamourt
Downloads: 20
[etree]Fina Dupa Live at Rock Bottom - Outdoor Concert Series on 2007-07-13 - Fina Dupa
Set 1: Soulglo Driven To Tears (Police) Untie Club Del Soul Tenderness (General Public) Get A Job (Karl Denson) Black Mamba Take It Easy (Soulive) Red Baron (Cobham) Set 2: Crisis Feelin' Alright (Traffic) Sarpe Jaco Fly Like An Eagle - So What (Miller - Davis) High Times (Jamiroquai) Alligator Set 3: Let's Dance (Bowie) Bubbler Need You Tonight (INXS) Check Out Your Mind (Mayfield) It Is What It Is Soul Vibration (Sunshine Band) Give It Back All songs (c) Fina Dupa unless otherwise indicated ab...
Keywords: Fina Dupa; Fina; Dupa; Denver; Funk; Greer; Kurzweil; Levin; Kyser; Bass; Sax
Downloads: 2,232
[audio]Psalm 13 - Psalm-provisation - Anthony Mark LaMort
Part of a series of semi-extemporized pieces I am working on musically 'interpreting' (hopefully) all 150 Psalms. To hear the previous 'Psalm-provisations' or for more commentary, go to my website, http://www.dropbyrecitals.com This piece employs Kurzweil K-250 & K-2000, Korg Delta & MS2000B, Roland D-50 synths, a Hammond organ, a Yamaha CP30 piano, and a Hohner Pianet T.
Keywords: Improvised Music; Improvisation; electronica; psalm; psalmprovisation; psalm-provisation; synthesizer; Kurzweil; composer; Anthony Mark LaMort
Downloads: 29
[audio]Psalm-Provisation 32 - Anthony Mark LaMort
Movement One depicts verses 1 & 2. Movement Two depicts verses 3 & 4. Movement Three - verses 5-7. Movement Four - verses 8-11. Scored for Organ and synthesizer. [for this recording the synthesizers utilized are the classic Kurzweil K-250, a Korg MS-2000 and a Roland D-50] Jorgensen Tribute Organ for the hauptwerk VPO Anthony Mark LaMort (Lamourt) - composer
Keywords: Organ; Psam; Psalmprovisation; Improvised Music; Electronica; Electronic; Kurzweil; Organ; Organist; Anthony Mark LaMort; Lamourt
Downloads: 8
[audio]Psalm 12 - Psalm-provisation - Anthony Mark LaMort
Part of a series of semi-extemporized pieces I am working on musically 'interpreting' (hopefully) all 150 Psalms. To hear the previous 'Psalm-provisations' or for more commentary, go to my website, http://www.dropbyrecitals.com This piece employs Kurzweil K-250 & K-2000, Korg Delta & MS2000B, Roland D-50 synths, a Hammond organ, a Yamaha CP30 piano, and a Hohner Pianet T.
Keywords: Improvised Music; Improvisation; electronica; psalm; psalmprovisation; psalm-provisation; synthesizer; Kurzweil; composer; Anthony Mark LaMort
Downloads: 30
[audio]The Fake Future Ep.01: Immortality - Lance Robotson
Welcome to The Fake Future! I’m your host Lance Robotson. For this first episode of my fake internet radio show I am proud to be joined by my friend and co-host, Zaq Moser, the Iridescent Futurist. After introducing ourselves and talking a bit what got us into futurology, we discuss the quest to live forever through technology, and imagine potential optimistic and pessimistic outcomes for this controversial field...
Keywords: futurism; transhumanism; immortality; longevity; life extension; anti-aging; cryonics; aubrey de grey; ray kurzweil; transhumanism; futurology
Downloads: 105
[audio]"Content" by Cory Doctorow - Jan Rubak
"Content: Selected Essays on Technology, Creativity, Copyright and the Future of the Future" by Cory Doctorow. Read by Jan Rubak (rubakj[at]gmail[dot]com) Official Website of the Book: http://craphound.com/content/ The entire text of the book is available in various formats for free download from http://craphound.com/content/download/, or for purchase at your favourite bookstore for US$14.95 (ISBN: 978-1-892391-81-0)...
Keywords: Doctorow; Copyfight; Copyright; Copyleft; Creative Commons; EFF; DRM; Ebooks; Digital Age; Kurzweil; Singularity; Boing Boing
Downloads: 10,472 5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars(5 reviews)
[audio]Improvisatory Suite: Jesus Heals a Blind Man - Anthony Mark LaMort
Improvisatory Suite for organ and electronic instruments by composer and minister Anthony Mark LaMort. Hauptwerk VPO, Pipeloops.com Simbermann organ sample set, Kurzweil K250 & K2000, Roland d-50, Korg MS2000. John 9:1-42
Keywords: Improvised music; organ; synthesizer; kurzweil; korg; roland; K250; K2000; improvisation; electronica; silbermann; organ; Anthony Mark LaMort
Downloads: 37
[audio]Psalm-provisation 80 - Anthony Mark LaMort
Composition for Organ, 'Cello, Synthesizers and Percussion Psalm 80 is the appointed Psalm (RCL) for the 4th Sunday in Advent As with most of this series, the themes are composed but the actual meat of the composition is extemporized using pre-meditated registrations (organ) and patches (synths) and audio samples where applicable. Anthony Mark LaMort (Lamourt) composer
Keywords: Organ; St. Maximin; Hauptwerk; Psalms; Psalmprovisation; Extemporized; Improvisation; Improvised; Electronica; Cello; Synthesizer; Kurzweil; Anthony Mark LaMort; Lamourt
Downloads: 4
[audio]Psalm-provisation: Psalm 17 - Anthony Mark LaMort
Latest in a series of semi-extemporized pieces I am working on musically 'interpreting' (hopefully) all 150 Psalms. To hear the previous 'Psalm-provisations' or for more commentary, go to my website, http://www.dropbyrecitals.com In addition to a Hauptwerk organ sample sets, this piece employs Kurzweil K-250 & K-2000, Korg Delta & MS2000B, Roland D-50 synths, a Hammond organ, a Yamaha CP30 piano, and a Hohner Pianet T.
Keywords: Psalm; Psalm 17; Seventeen; Psalm-provisation; Psalmprovisation; Electronica; Improvised Music; Organ; Organist; Synthezizer; Kurzweil; Anthony Mark LaMort
Downloads: 39
[audio]Sentient Developments Podcast 2011.10.23 - George Dvorsky
Sentient Developments podcast for October 23, 2011: Bulletproof coffee (Paleo), Occupy Toronto, Propaganda 2.0 and the Rise of "Narrative Networks," Kurzweil responds to Allen, Robin Hanson on Limits.
Keywords: transhumanism; paleo diet; coffee; darpa; propaganda; narrative networks; memetics; memes; ray kurzweil; singularity; paul hanson; robin hanson; limits; futurism
Downloads: 490
[audio]Psalmprovisation 21: The King Rejoices - Anthony Mark LaMort
Psalmprovisations-electronica by Anthony Mark LaMort (Lamourt). Movement One: The King Rejoices. Ps. 21:1-7. Groton organ with Kurzweil K250 & K2000, Korg MS2000B, Roland D-50. Momement Two: Yout Hand Will Lay Hold. Ps.21:8-13. Prib Positiv, St. Annes-Mosely with Kurzweil K250 & K2000, Korg MS2000B,Korg Delta, Yamaha Electric Piano, Hammond Organ.
Keywords: Organ; Hammond; Synthesizer; Kurzweil; Korg; Electric Piano; CP-30; XK-3; Psalm; Psalm 21; Psalmprovisation; Psalm-provisation; electronica; improvised music; improvisation; Organist; composer; Anthony Mark LaMort; Anthony Lamourt
Downloads: 16
[audio]Psalm-provisation: Psalm 18 - Anthony Mark LaMort
Another in a series of semi-extemporized pieces I am working on musically 'interpreting' the Psalms. To hear the previous 'Psalm-provisations' or for more detailed commentary, go to my website, http://www.dropbyrecitals.com In addition to the sample set, this piece employs Kurzweil K-250 & K-2000, Korg MS2000B and Roland D-50 synthesizers and a Hohner Pianet. Psalmprovisation 18 - Composer Anthony Mark LaMort
Keywords: Psalmprovisation; psalm-provisation; psalm 18; improvised music; improvisation; electronic music; electronica; kurzweil; roland; k-250; korg; hohner pianet; organ; anloo; Hauptwerk; VPO; composer; Anthony Mark LaMort; Anthony Lamourt
Downloads: 43
[movies]Universidade do Futuro - Globo News
Conhecida por 'Universidade do Futuro', ou 'Universidade do Google', a 'Singularity University' surgiu a partir das idéias do futurólogo Ray Kurzweil e tem entre seus patrocinadores NASA e Google, reúne alguns dos maiores cientistas e empreendedores em atividade, incluindo vencedores de prêmio Nobel. A instituição  visa formar a elite dos executivos, empreendedores e pensadores do mundo para as rápidas mudanças pelas quais a humanidade deve passar neste século e, para isso, estimula os...
Keywords: Singularity University; Instituição de Ensino; Robótica; Nanotecnologia; Ensino; Raymond Kurzweil; Inteligência Artificial; Tecnologia; Futurologia; Empreendedorismo; Educação; NASA; Google; Biotecnologia; Bioinformática; Raymond McCauley; Ralph Merkle; Robert Freitas Jr
Downloads: 13
[audio]Cory Doctorow - Little Brother (2009) - Cory Doctorow
Little Brother is a novel by Cory Doctorow which presents a bold argument: hackers and gamers might just be the best hope for the future.. Read by James Riley. Official Website of the Book: http://craphound.com/littlebrother/download/ The entire text of the book is available in various formats for free download there as well
Keywords: Doctorow; survelliance; Big Brother; 1984; Orwell; cyberpunk; Little Brother; Scifi; sci-fi; audiobook; Copyfight; Copyright; Copyleft; Creative Commons; EFF; DRM; Ebooks; Digital Age; Kurzweil; Singularity; Boing Boing
Downloads: 4,695
[audio]Psalmprovisation 20, Movement Two: Now This I Know - Anthony Mark LaMort
From the 'Psalmprovisations' series. Psalm 20:6-9. Certainty; spiritual victory. Second of two. More Psalm-provisations at http://www.dropbyrecitals.com Psalmprovisation 20, mvt 2 by Anthony Mark LaMort. Brescia, St. Carlo, Enigma III (32, 16) sample sets for Hauptwerk VPO with Korg MS2000B, Roland D-50 & Kurzweil K-250 synthesizers.
Keywords: Psalm 20; Psalmprovisation; psalm-provisation; now this I know; Brescia; St. Carlo; Enigma III; Hauptwerk; Electronica; Korg MS2000B; Roland D-50; Kurzweil K-250; synthesizers; organ; organist; extemporization; extemporized music; organist; Anthony Mark LaMort; Anthony Lamourt
Downloads: 10
[audio]Psalm 19, Movement One - The Heavens Declare - Anthony Mark LaMort
Another in the series of semi-extemporized Psalmprovisations. (To hear the previous 'Psalm-provisations' or for more detailed commentary, go to my website, http://www.dropbyrecitals.com) In addition to the sample set, this piece employs Kurzweil K-250 & K-2000, Korg MS2000B and Roland D-50 synthesizers, a Yamaha CP-30 electric piano and a Hohner Pianet-T. Prib positiv sample set for Hauptwerk VPO. Psalmprovisation 19, Movement One, by organist, composer Anthony Mark LaMort
Keywords: Kurzweil K-250; K-2000; Korg MS2000B; Roland D-50; synthesizer; Yamaha CP-30; electric piano; Hohner Pianet-T; Hauptwerk; VPO; Organ; organist; composer; Anthony Mark LaMort
Downloads: 41
[audio]Best of the Global Reality 5-26-9 - Child Psychological Profiling. Jay Bennett. Sonia Sotomayor. SKYNET. The Coming Superbrain. The Divine Right of Kings.
5-26-9 - Child Psychological Profiling. Jay Bennett. Sonia Sotomayor. SKYNET. The Coming Superbrain. The Divine Right of Kings. From the Global Reality Radio Network. www.theglobalreality.com Through radio, videos, films, and even music, Josh Reeves presents his restless effort of research into matters concerning government/corporate corruptions, occult/esoteric philosophies, mass media propaganda (even via alternative media), social engineering, hidden technologies, ancient mysteries, religious...
Keywords: Wilco; Sonia Sotomayor; transhumanism; Kurzweil; Ea; school; brain; psychology; dr; machine; Global Reality; radio; talk; best of; esoteric; illuminati; moon; bush; obama; alternative; news; secret right; jesuit; mason; enoch; bible; sacred; knowledge; illuminati; nwo; audiobook; live; energy
Downloads: 93
[texts]Omni Magazine (February 1985)

Keywords: ufo; ihe; ufos; thai; kurzweil; jeff; meechum; omni; electromagnetic; air force; blue book; uncle lou; ufo phenomenon; magnetic fields; human race; electromagnetic fields; ufo reports; close encounters; magnetic field
Downloads: 974
[audio]The Time Traveling Robots in Space - Episode 4: Tatooine Dreams and Migraine Wishes - Galactic Netcasts
On this episode of The Time Traveling Robots in Space Podcast, Paul and Dave talk time paradoxes in history, Iron Man robots and someone didn't come up with a recommendation! Listen to find out.
Keywords: abc; blu-ray sampler disc; cbs; discovery; fiction; history; io9; iron man; list; planet; ray kurzweil; release; robot; roland emmerich; singularity; source code; space above and beyond; star trek: the next generation; starship troopers; tatooine; television; time paradox; triathlon; tv series
Downloads: 61
[audio]The Time Traveling Robots in Space Podcast: Episode 12 - I'm No Rocket Scientist - Galactic Netcasts
On this episode of the Time Traveling Robots in Space Podcast, Paul and Dave discuss the Family Guy's multi-dimensional episode, Google-X, Syfy's return to space plus our recommendations and the question of the week.
Keywords: application; astronauts; bbc; beautiful people; david yates; doctor who; fabric of the cosmos; family guy; fantasy sports league; film; fsl tonight; google x; justin robert young; laboratory; michael mcdonald; movie; nasa; nbc; nova; pbs; pilot; pilot episode; podcast; projects; raymond kurzweil; Robert H. Wolfe; roland emmerich; secret; seth macfarlane; sony pictures; space opera; syfy; the illusion of time; the singularity; time travel; tom merritt
Downloads: 79
[audio]Scatman-tilex - KKKcasioflubellegend & Deepgrave min og dog
Deepgrave min og dog is Sage Brooks aka Skyler. KKKcasioflubellegend is Kevin Mehmed aka Orlik. This Album has guest artist Todd Irwinmn. This album is self-released on Sages Label HEEETC hologram effort electronic experiments technologies corporation.
Keywords: St Lukes; Montgomery County; Gaithersburg; Montgomery Village; Silver Spring; MD; Maryland; Nintendo WII; WII Sports; Dreamcast; Scatman; Skyler; Sante services; On Our Own; Kevin Mehmed; Sage Brooks; Todd Irwin; Kurzweil k2000; Noise Music; HEEETC; Hologram Effort; Synth; Synthesizer; FL Studio; Fruity Loops; Heavy Metal; Toad008; Toadie; Thrash
Downloads: 57
[audio]Arthur Kurzweil, From Generation to Generation: Jewish Genealogy and Jewish Family History as a Spiritual Pilgrimage - American Jewish University
Description: Arthur Kurzweil discusses Jewish Genealogy and Jewish Family History as a Spiritual Pilgrimage at the Brandeis-Bardin Institute (Brandeis, Simi Valley, Calif.).Call Number: Cass. 1988 2/6 HOB AWEI Sat.Rights: Rights are owned by American Jewish University (formerly University of Judaism and Brandeis-Bardin Institute). Transmission or reproduction of materials protected by copyright beyond that allowed by fair use requires the written permission of the copyright owners...
Keywords: californialightandsound; Brandeis-Bardin Institute (Brandeis, Simi Valley, Calif.); Genealogy; Judaism; Jewish families; Kurzweil, Arthur; Yivo Institute for Jewish Research; United States. National Archives and Records Administration; Klarsfeld, Serge, 1935-; Klarsfeld, Beate, 1939-; Schepansky, Israel; Holocaust, Jewish (1939-1945); Jewish historians--United States; Haley, Alex; Stern, Malcolm H; Los Angeles (Calif.)--Genealogy; Lʹviv (Ukraine); Jews--Ukraine--Lʹviv--History; Vilnius (Lithuania); New York Public Library; Telephone--Directories; Poland--Telephone directories; Ellis Island (N.J. and N.Y.)--History; Jewish families--History; Family history; Genealogy; Genealogy--Archival resources; Genealogical libraries; Genealogy--Library resources; Genealogy--Religious aspects--Judaism; Genealogy--Societies, etc; Genealogy--Software; Genealogy--Study and teaching; Genealogy--United States; Librarians; Jewish librarians; New York Public Library. Jewish Division; Województwo Podlaskie (Poland); Dobromilʹ (Poland); Jews, Polish; Archives; Archives--Israel; Family trees; Pilgrims and pilgrimages; Jewish pilgrims and pilgrimages; Holocaust, Jewish (1939-1945)--Personal narratives; Holocaust survivors; Jewish cemeteries--Poland; Synagogues; Synagogues--Hungary; Synagogues--Europe, Eastern; Names, Personal--Jewish; Avis-Rent-A-Car System; Yad ṿa-shem, rashut ha-zikaron la-Shoʼah ṿela-gevurah; Arkhiyon ha-merkazi le-toldot ha-ʻam ha-Yehudi; Circumcision--Religious aspects--Judaism; Berit milah--History; Salt Lake City (Utah); Mormon Church--Genealogy; Judaism--Relations--Mormon Church; Mormons--California--Los Angeles; Mormon Church--Archives; Microfilm readers; Jews in the professions; Soviet Union; Genealogy--Russia; Ships--Passenger lists; Nazis-Records; Jews--Poland--Przemyśl; Jewish Theological Seminary of America; Jews--United States; Jews--United States--Archival resources; Judaism--Sephardic rite; Sephardim; Thessalonikē (Greece); Jews--Arab countries; Jewish archives; Jewish Genealogy Society of Los Angeles; Lʹviv (Ukraine)
Downloads: 10
[unknown]Usenet groups within alt.music from giganews.com
Usenet newsgroups within "alt.music", contributed courtesy of giganews.com. These captures omit most binary posts.
Keywords: alt.music.neil-young; alt.music.zz-top; alt.music.diva; alt.music.my-life-story; alt.music.jethro-tull; alt.music.marilyn-manson; alt.music.rem; alt.music.makers.theremin; alt.music.rob-zombie; alt.music.poe; alt.music.manuel; alt.music.de; alt.music.gangsta.rap; alt.music.performance.band.high-school; alt.music.garage; alt.music.fates-warning; alt.music.synth.roland.tb303; alt.music.my.teachers.head.as.a.drum; alt.music.richard-thompson; alt.music.the-crash; alt.music.roger-waters; alt.music.blues.johnny-winter; alt.music.underground.grindcore; alt.music.cast; alt.music.swedish-pop.bork.bork; alt.music.michael-english; alt.music.boards-of-canada; alt.music.psychedelic; alt.music.fuel; alt.music.ivana-banfic; alt.music.peter-murphy; alt.music.mp3.hardware; alt.music.osmonds; alt.music.newsboys; alt.music.reel-big-fish; alt.music.candy-dulfer; alt.music.beastie-boys; alt.music.whiterain; alt.music.underground.metal; alt.music.everclear; alt.music.the-pist; alt.music.luis-miguel; alt.music.the-p; alt.music.prodigy-the.lyrics; alt.music.nickcave; alt.music.christian-metal; alt.music.garth-brooks; alt.music.army-of-lovers; alt.music.replacements; alt.music.rachelstamp; alt.music.carolinashag; alt.music.enya.puke; alt.music.indigo-girls; alt.music.dave-matthews; alt.music.queen-adreena; alt.music.insane-clown-posse; alt.music.funkpoparoll; alt.music.vacuum; alt.music.guitar; alt.music.eny; alt.music.aaliyah.crash.burn.mohh.omlo.mohlmohlo.muhuhuho; alt.music.chemical-bros; alt.music.jarsofclay; alt.music.michael-jackson.trolls.cujo; alt.music.iron-maiden; alt.music.gospel; alt.music.jim-croce; alt.music.blue-rodeo; alt.music.mrquimbysbeard; alt.music.atlanta; alt.music.van-halen; alt.music.robert-speirs; alt.music.danc; alt.music.leonard-cohen; alt.music.smiths.lesbians; alt.music.soul; alt.music.independent.alt.discordia; alt.music.alternative.female; alt.music.level-42; alt.music.sublime; alt.music.mp3.winamp; alt.music.chameleons; alt.music.eminem; alt.music.new-order; alt.music.w.a.s; alt.music.lostprophets; alt.music.aghora.nospam; alt.music.genesis; alt.music.ska-core; alt.music.highllamas; alt.music.unde; alt.music.chad-n-jeremy; alt.music.mecano; alt.music.infinity; alt.music.lyrics; alt.music.all-saints; alt.music.gir; alt.music.pogues; alt.music.autechre; alt.music.spacerock; alt.music.bill-laswell; alt.music.worsethanezra; alt.music.posterkids; alt.music.bourbontc; alt.music.peter-gabriel; alt.music.independent.ads; alt.music.4ad; alt.music.squirrel-nut-zippers; alt.music.house; alt.music.stone-temple; alt.music.chapel-hill; alt.music.bloodhound.gang; alt.music.from.the; alt.music.holly-cole; alt.music.oceansize; alt.music.gumball; alt.music.dandy-warhols; alt.music.slayer; alt.music.christian; alt.music.rat-sala; alt.music.disney; alt.music.white-power; alt.music.bo; alt.music.green-day.vacant5150.aka.kayte; alt.music.funkpo; alt.music.moby; alt.music.jimi; alt.music.rachid; alt.music.jacques-brel; alt.music.dutch; alt.music.world; alt.music.dctalk; alt.music.seikima-ii; alt.music.linda-ronstadt; alt.music.michael-jackson.trolls.frogbutt; alt.music.beatles; alt.music.a-crime-against-nature; alt.music.motorhead; alt.music.bugtussle; alt.music.gwar; alt.music.tonic; alt.music.canadian; alt.music.culture-club; alt.music.jamiroquai; alt.music.michael-franks; alt.music.bon-jovi; alt.music.breakbeat; alt.music.badlydrawnboy; alt.music.syd-barrett; alt.music.the-crystal-method; alt.music.nrok; alt.music.rage-machine; alt.music.divine-comedy; alt.music.joan-osborne; alt.music.hip-hop.dj; alt.music.smash-pumpkins.jimmy.chamberlin; alt.music.machines.of.loving; alt.music.home-studio; alt.music.alice.cooper; alt.music.linkin-park; alt.music.veruca-salt; alt.music.van-halen.sammy-sucks; alt.music.ebm; alt.music.underground.metal.nihilism; alt.music.country.classic; alt.music.basement-shaman; alt.music.trading; alt.music.lou_reed; alt.music.jon-spencer; alt.music.clay-aiken; alt.music.sloan; alt.music.machines.of.loving.grace; alt.music.pantera; alt.music.makers.dj; alt.music.rory-gallagher; alt.music.foetus; alt.music.shonen-knife; alt.music.toten-hosen; alt.music.tool; alt.music.camel; alt.music.palace-of-wisdom; alt.music.bootlegs.lists; alt.music.raycharles; alt.music.van-halen.dave-sucks; alt.music.hootie; alt.music.nirvana.b; alt.music.nomeansno; alt.music.pop.will.eat.itself; alt.music.beautiful-south; alt.music.smiths; alt.music.nataliemerchant; alt.music.chinese.a-mei; alt.music.iggy-pop; alt.music.oxygum; alt.music.creeker; alt.music.bad-religion; alt.music.doors; alt.music.duran-duran; alt.music.mowax; alt.music.a-cappella; alt.music.dead-milkmen; alt.music.trading.dat; alt.music.meatloaf; alt.music.ash; alt.music.radiohead; alt.music.piano-technician; alt.music.planet-gong; alt.music.christian.rock; alt.music.rick-derringer; alt.music.country; alt.music.kelani; alt.music.natalie-merchant; alt.music.monkees; alt.music.oasis; alt.music.journalism; alt.music.bluetones; alt.music.sex-pistols; alt.music.supertramp; alt.music.morrissey; alt.music.stratovarius; alt.music.my.teachers; alt.music.morcheeba; alt.music.robbie-williams; alt.music.vangelis; alt.music.mccartney; alt.music.mp3.kazaa; alt.music.the-residents; alt.music.g-fibbers; alt.music.refreshments; alt.music.power-pop; alt.music.311; alt.music.trance; alt.music.billy-sheehan; alt.music.riaa.suck; alt.music.megaherz; alt.music.w-carlos; alt.music.swedish-pop.bork.bork.bork; alt.music.ultimate-fakebook; alt.music.ramones; alt.music.ipecac-loop; alt.music.mobile-djs; alt.music.yngwie-malmsteen; alt.music.moist; alt.music.bela-fleck; alt.music.mike-keneally; alt.music.witchfinder-general; alt.music.sophie-hawkins; alt.music.karaoke; alt.music.pop-eat-itself; alt.music.po; alt.music.rat-salad; alt.music.makers.nederland.markt; alt.music.alternative; alt.music.sinaed; alt.music.w.a; alt.music.drivin-n-cryin; alt.music.whitesnake; alt.music.sid; alt.music.makers.available-wanted; alt.music.acid-jazz; alt.music.showcase-showdown; alt.music.industrial; alt.music.pink-floyd.publius; alt.music.hard-house; alt.music.tuba; alt.music.my.teachers.head.as.a; alt.music.elastica; alt.music.blues-traveler; alt.music.blues.delta; alt.music.john-mellencamp; alt.music.gossip; alt.music.prodi; alt.music.manics; alt.music.dance; alt.music.chinese-pop; alt.music.harr; alt.music.ogg; alt.music.duke-ellington; alt.music.nirvana; alt.music.danzig; alt.music.massive-attack; alt.music.counting-crows; alt.music.stone-roses; alt.music.lyrics.spanish; alt.music.erasure; alt.music.golden-earring; alt.music.ub40; alt.music.ukgarage; alt.music.white.town; alt.music.bash-jam; alt.music.mp3.audiogalaxy; alt.music.brothervibe; alt.music.ni; alt.music.detox; alt.music.nin.d; alt.music.the-verve; alt.music.boedans; alt.music.video-games; alt.music.lou-reed; alt.music.bush.sux; alt.music.tune-inn; alt.music.chinese.pop; alt.music.soundgarden; alt.music.streaming.dodgy-fm; alt.music.chicago; alt.music.nin.creative; alt.music.pearl-jam; alt.music.pavement; alt.music.ecto; alt.music.yngwie; alt.music.joan-jet; alt.music.bon; alt.music.audioslave; alt.music.canada; alt.music.sythnpop; alt.music.madness; alt.music.redd-kross; alt.music.nrbq; alt.music.seeking.icq; alt.music.rufus-wainwright; alt.music.banana-truffle; alt.music.boyz-2-men; alt.music.hunter-mott; alt.music.guster; alt.music.deftones; alt.music.swedish-pop.bork; alt.music.oroboros; alt.music.sex.pistols; alt.music.goo-goo-dolls; alt.music.roxette; alt.music.ministry; alt.music.gr; alt.music.goo-goo-dolls.adjectivized; alt.music.lost-prophets; alt.music.makers.el; alt.music.streaming.booozzz-fm; alt.music.synth.roland.u20; alt.music.peter-n-gordon; alt.music.thenationalism.texas; alt.music.a-perfect-circle; alt.music.rammstein; alt.music.manowar; alt.music.aqua; alt.music.mylene-farmer; alt.music.flute; alt.music.ezra; alt.music.mishap; alt.music.guitar.resonator; alt.music.gothic; alt.music.kerbdog; alt.music.franticdogpadl; alt.music.skeg; alt.music.static-x; alt.music.rat-pack; alt.music.kyle-vincent; alt.music.machine-head; alt.music.mariah.carey; alt.music.her-six-daughters; alt.music.pop.will.eat.itself.x.y.and.z.electrix.sunshine.mix; alt.music.smash-pumpkins.dead-carmance; alt.music.pinkfloyd; alt.music.offspring; alt.music.planet-of-pants; alt.music.beastie-boys.punk-liar; alt.music.string.cheese.incident; alt.music.rockbitch; alt.music.galaxie-500; alt.music.skinny-puppy; alt.music.rockbitch; alt.music.galaxie-500; alt.music.skinny-puppy; alt.music.shamen; alt.music.rockbitch; alt.music.galaxie-500; alt.music.skinny-puppy; alt.music.shamen; alt.music.girlgroups; alt.music.underg; alt.music.alanis.morisette; alt.music.african; alt.music.machines.of; alt.music.bosstones; alt.music.darkwave; alt.music.tricky; alt.music.darkwave; alt.music.synthpop; alt.music.cake; alt.music.misc; alt.music.polkas; alt.music.new-wave; alt.music.beck; alt.music.the-sweet; alt.music.america; alt.music.kreviazuk; alt.music.the-church; alt.music.man; alt.music.dan-bern; alt.music.pulp; alt.music.lightfoot; alt.music.lesley-rankine; alt.music.black-metal; alt.music.outspoken; alt.music.elo; alt.music.rheostatics; alt.music.my.teachers.head; alt.music.jessica.simpson; alt.music.underground.metal.ambient; alt.music.ryan-adams; alt.music.the-corrs; alt.music.philip-glass; alt.music.bluegrass; alt.music.bedroom; alt.music.france; alt.music.country.cla; alt.music.synth.kurzweil; alt.music.mcb; alt.music.betterthanezra; alt.music.sunnydayrealestate; alt.music.bootlegs.prince; alt.music.folk; alt.music.the-white-stripes; alt.music.lords-of-anticholinergics; alt.music.bonjovi; alt.music.santana; alt.music.dave-matthews.tapetrading; alt.music.white-power.excellent-emale-sight; alt.music.novelty; alt.music.jcchasez; alt.music.early; alt.music.x; alt.music.levellers; alt.music.mo; alt.music.turinbrakes; alt.music.mlwttkk; alt.music.grindcore; alt.music.air-supply; alt.music.mudhoney; alt.music.mp3.audioga1axy; alt.music.gogos; alt.music.blueoystercult; alt.music.arabic; alt.music.hovercraft; alt.music.tom-waits; alt.music.gabber; alt.music.posterchildren; alt.music.home-recording; alt.music.luna; alt.music.jimi.hen; alt.music.live.the.band; alt.music.ratt; alt.music.govt-mule; alt.music.progress; alt.music.tiffany-darwish; alt.music.space; alt.music.no-wave; alt.music.dead-c; alt.music.nirvana.murder-theory; alt.music.makers; alt.music.turninbrakes; alt.music.doris-dragovic; alt.music.jungle; alt.music.jimi-hendrix; alt.music.mariah; alt.music.stranglers; alt.music.progressive; alt.music.paul-colman-trio; alt.music.neil-diamond; alt.music.pop.will; alt.music.mp3; alt.music.prick; alt.music.misc.why.not.duplicate.the.entire.rec.hierarchy.dammit; alt.music.sex; alt.music; alt.music.clannad; alt.music.journey; alt.music.radiohe; alt.music.pearl-jam.crushed; alt.music.trombone; alt.music.savoy-brown; alt.music.bloodhound; alt.music.sonic-youth; alt.music.nolimit; alt.music.john-tesh; alt.music.streaming; alt.music.w; alt.music.mp3.napster; alt.music.methods-mayhem; alt.music.greek; alt.music.pat-metheny; alt.music.grand-funk; alt.music.lunastation; alt.music.tangerine-dream; alt.music.motley-crue; alt.music.status-quo; alt.music.speedmcqueen; alt.music.mpeg; alt.music.dave-matthews.trading; alt.music.coldplay; alt.music.vanesa-paradis; alt.music.kmfdm; alt.music.lisa-loeb; alt.music.bootleg; alt.music.warehouse.of.hate; alt.music.spocks-beard; alt.music.round.and.a.distant.few; alt.music.nsync; alt.music.yanni.aural-enema; alt.music.inxs; alt.music.vengaboys; alt.music.nin.old-school; alt.music.embrace; alt.music.blues; alt.music.prayforthesoulofbetty; alt.music.kiss; alt.music.rasputina; alt.music.jambands; alt.music.ear-training; alt.music.si; alt.music.bob-mould; alt.music.squarepusher; alt.music.feederz; alt.music.themepark; alt.music.warp-records; alt.music.black-sabbath; alt.music.depeche-mode; alt.music.adjective-army; alt.music.searchers; alt.music.rupaul; alt.music.wilco; alt.music.really.really.bad; alt.music.romantic; alt.music.post-punk; alt.music.dance.freestyle; alt.music.saxaphone; alt.music.garbage; alt.music.kula-shaker; alt.music.deep-purple; alt.music.cranes; alt.music.hafabra; alt.music.poison; alt.music.pipeorgan; alt.music.billy-joe.winghead; alt.music.byrds; alt.music.amer; alt.music.yo-la-tengo; alt.music.ellectrika; alt.music.amorphis; alt.music.brokenspokes; alt.music.oomph; alt.music.plasmatics; alt.music.savatage; alt.music.white-zombie; alt.music.nofx; alt.music.lo-fi; alt.music.jacar; alt.music.no-doubt; alt.music.ruby; alt.music.nork; alt.music.jimi.hendrix; alt.music.gortician; alt.music.prince.bootlegs; alt.music.enya.puke.puke; alt.music.makers.dj.bedroom; alt.music.misfits; alt.music.dan-fogelberg; alt.music.mixfreaks; alt.music.nin; alt.music.mp3.winmx; alt.music.rock-n-roll; alt.music.makers.synth; alt.music.satan-and-the-waves; alt.music.makers.woodwind; alt.music.hardcore; alt.music.lyrics.spa; alt.music.the-fall; alt.music.one-minute-silence; alt.music.rusted-root; alt.music.ourladypeace; alt.music.pj-harvey; alt.music.green-day.sucks; alt.music.dave-hawkins; alt.music.underground.metal.doom; alt.music.lenny-kravitz; alt.music.zevon; alt.music.nils-lofgren; alt.music.built-to-spill; alt.music.red-hot-chili-peppers; alt.music.lor-mckennitt; alt.music.marillion; alt.music.eric-clapton; alt.music.ymsb; alt.music.mdfmk; alt.music.category-freak; alt.music.southern-rock; alt.music.rocket-from-the-crypt; alt.music.lloyd-webber; alt.music.un; alt.music.tom-petty; alt.music.blink-182; alt.music.anita-meijer; alt.music.that-dog; alt.music.tuna; alt.music.jpop; alt.music.pop.will.eat.itself.the.poppies.are; alt.music.mandolin; alt.music.kenny-wayne-shepherd; alt.music.lilith-fair; alt.music.riot-grrl; alt.music.steps; alt.music.independent; alt.music.doves; alt.music.our-lady-peace; alt.music.metallica.songs.turn-the-page; alt.music.da; alt.music.klaus-schulze; alt.music.smithereens; alt.music.traghip; alt.music.toadies; alt.music.mp3.morpheus; alt.music.alternative.alt.music.independent.alt.music.independent.ads; alt.music.darkest-of-the-hillside-thickets; alt.music.cracker-cvb; alt.music.flaming-lips; alt.music.makers.christian; alt.music.the-doors; alt.music.vanhalen; alt.music.glen-ballard; alt.music.heath; alt.music.tmbg; alt.music.hertz; alt.music.primal-scream; alt.music.gomez; alt.music.utah-saints; alt.music.lyrics.heavy-metal; alt.music.black47; alt.music.eurovision; alt.music.pop; alt.music.diana-ross; alt.music.tape-culture; alt.music.prodigy-the; alt.music.kenickie; alt.music.prodigy-the; alt.music.bruce-cockburn; alt.music.blamed; alt.music.les-moore; alt.music.drovers; alt.music.colorado; alt.music.charlottechurch; alt.music.terrorvision; alt.music.festivals; alt.music.rockabilly; alt.music.feeder; alt.music.simple-minds; alt.music.ocs; alt.music.tlc; alt.music.warehouse.of; alt.music.korn; alt.music.w.a.s.p; alt.music.lene-marlin; alt.music.cher; alt.music.smash-pumpkins.jimmy-addict.tasty-smack; alt.music.band-director; alt.music.falconjones; alt.music.roadie; alt.music.complex-arrang; alt.music.aaliyah.too-many-bags.its-her-own-fault; alt.music.toxsin; alt.music.smash-pumpkins.wrestling; alt.music.indepedent; alt.music.makers.electric-piano; alt.music.squarepusher.is.a.cunt.ps.ruke; alt.music.awk-jam; alt.music.idm; alt.music.rammstein.de; alt.music.raging-speedhorn; alt.music.suede; alt.music.babybird; alt.music.michael-jackson; alt.music.gene; alt.music.pop.chicago; alt.music.no-depression; alt.music.weezer; alt.music.monaco; alt.music.steely-dan; alt.music.courtney-love; alt.music.clash; alt.music.aaliyah.should.have.packed.a.parachute; alt.music.puhdys; alt.music.infinity.disco-zone; alt.music.billy-joel; alt.music.modern; alt.music.drum-n-bass; alt.music.cravin-melon; alt.music.fuck.you.lets.talk.l-z
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